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Meet the Team

Our Therapists are passionate and dedicated to ensuring a positive experience that is unique to all clients and their families. A caring, friendly and professional approach is central to our practice.


Sarah Hickey (Occupational Therapist and Director)

BAppSc (Occupational Therapy) - The University of Sydney


Sarah has worked as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist for over 10 years. During this time she has developed extensive knowledge and skills in Occupational Therapy Assessment, treatment and evaluation. Prior to setting up Kids First Occupational Therapy she spent much of her employment in paediatric practices located across Sydney conducting clinic, school and home therapy services. She also spent a year working in a country hospital in paediatric intervention. She has worked with a wide range of conditions including Autism,  Perceptual Motor Difficulties, Handwritng difficulties, Sensory Processing Disorders, Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Hypermobility and Motor Dyspraxia and Fine and Gross Motor Skill Acquasition. From her experiences she has developed a love and passion to work with children and their families which is why she founded Kids First Occupational Therapy. Sarah is extremely passionate about continuing professional development and has completed numerous courses and training programs throughout her career.


Sarah is a highly dedicated and motivated individual who values the importance of working closely with families, health professionals and educators. She believes that therapy should not only boost confidence, learning and skill development but also be a positive, fun and enjoyable experience for the child and their family. Sarah is known for her warm and friendly nature and building caring relationaships with her families.



Danielle Huynh (Occupational Therapist)

Masters of Occupational Therapy - The University of Sydney


Danielle is a passionate and energetic paediatric Occupational Therapist also holding a bachelor in Speech and Hearing Sciences with experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), early intervention for children with Autism. She is motivated to support children to participate in daily activities that are meaningful to them, through promoting their functional skills. She has experience working with children who have Autism, ODD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, self-regulation and learning difficulties within the school, clinic and home environments. Danielle is creative with her therapy approach and ensures children are reaching their goals in a fun and engaging way. Danielle is also dedicated to enabling children to reach their full potential by facilitating their development in areas such as self-esteem, confidence, social skills and overall well-being. 
Danielle is continually working on her professional development and is always aiming to improve her approach to therapy. Danielle is committed to establishing a strong partnership by collaboratively working with families, teachers and other health professionals to provide practical strategies that can be incorporated into various settings to ensure optimal outcomes for the children she works with.

Kylie Krost (Occupatiomal Therapist)

Masters of Occupational Therapy - The University of Sydney


Kylie is an Occupational Therapist who has previous experience working with children in various community and early intervention settings. She is passionate about supporting children to participate in meaningful everyday activities, to help them to reach their full potential and develop their confidence. Kylie has worked with children who have a broad range of conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delays, Learning difficulties, ADHD and Down Syndrome. She has also worked with children in developing their fine motor, gross motor, visual motor/perceptual, behavioural and sensory processing or regulation skills . Kylie believes in using a strengths based approach to therapy that is fun and meaningful, but also provides the right challenge for the child. Kylie is creative in her therapy approach and believes that therapy should be individualised to meet the needs of each child. Kylie values the importance of working collaboratively with families, teachers and other allied health professionals to ensure that therapy goals can be worked on in a functional and practical way across all environments relevant to the child. She is committed to ongoing professional development and has completed various paediatric courses and training programmes.


Annabelle Hope (Occupational Therapist)

BAppsc (Occupational Therapy) - The University of Sydney


Annabelle is a paediatric Occupational Therapist with previous experience working within early intervention, community based and private practice settings. She has a strong interest in supporting children with Autism, ADHD, ADD, sensory processing and emotional regulation difficulties, Visual Perception and learning difficulties. Her passion in working with children was developed through a motivation to help a child reach their potential and participate in everyday activities and environments, by supporting the development of their gross motor, fine motor, visual motor and sensory processing skills.She provides a fun and supportive therapy service based on a child's strengths and interests, while also supporting their areas of need. Annabelle strives to provide functional strategies to families and teachers to assist with achieving a child’s goals within all environments. Her therapy approach is supported through a keen interest in ongoing professional development with other allied health, educational and early intervention professionals.


Annabelle’s caring and fun personality aims to promote a positive and enjoyable therapy experience for children, their parents and other professionals.



Amisha Bhana (Occupational therapist)

BAppSc(Occupational Therapy) - The University of Sydney


Amisha graduated as an Occupational Therapist from the University of Sydney in 1999 and has extensive clinical knowledge and experience across a variety of settings. Amisha has worked in the settings of hospitals, insurers, homes, schools and pre-schools. Amisha has worked in the occupational rehabilitation setting for many years focusing on assisting people return to work following injury. Amisha has made the transition across to the paediatric world over the last two years, due to her keen interest and passion in working with children and her desire to help children strive to achieve their full potential.


Amisha is a mum to two beautiful children. Her role as a parent allows her to provide meaningful therapy sessions to school aged children and to also provide support to parents who may be experiencing difficulties adjusting to looking after a child who faces daily life challenges .


Amisha has a keen interest area in working with pre schoolers, primary aged children and children with Autism, sensory processing disorders and visual perceptual issues.


Amisha is committed to evidence based practice and is continually engaging in professional development to ensure she is best equipped to help children reach their full potential. Amisha’s therapy sessions are fun, engaging and meaningful to the child and parents. Children always leave Amisha’s therapy sessions feeling happier and confident.


In her spare time, Amisha enjoys relaxing with her family, playing tennis and netball, and dancing in the kitchen with her two children.


 Sabrina Smart (Occupational Therapist)

Business Science in Occupational Therapy - The University of the Witwatersand


Sabrina graduated overseas in 1998 and started her career in paediatrics setting up her private practice at various schools assisting children with learning difficulties and developmental delays. She is passionate about early intervention and the focus of her work is to assist children to reach their full potential and enabling them to fulfill their occupational roles in everyday life activities, with ease. She has a strong interest in working with children with sensory processing difficulties, learning difficulties and visual perceptual difficulties. Sabrina furthered her studies with Integrated Learning Therapy, which focuses on neurodevelopment. She is a strong believer in empowering parents to assist their children and as such treats the child holistically, using her Naturopathic studies to provide guidance on improving areas such as nutrition, sleep, screen time, and stress reduction. 

Sabrina ensures therapy is fun while providing the just-right challenge to support the child through the therapy process. She works closely with parents and teachers to ensure therapy is carried over into the classroom and at home, allowing the child to be supported in their environment. 


When not working, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her two active daughters and husband, spending time outdoors going for long walks, going to the beach and exploring new and wonderful places. When relaxing, Sabrina loves to write children’s books and has a book in the process of being published.