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Posted By Emily Newbold  

Occupational Therapy is often recommended by teachers for children who are having difficulty with handwriting. Handwriting is often an obvious visual sign that a child is having some difficulty with foundation skills for learning.


You may have noticed that while home-schooling or observing homework, that your child is demonstrating difficulty with handwriting such as their pencil grasp, ability to sit in their chair for duration of the task, fatigues easily or has difficulty keeping up, has difficulty with writing on the line or letter formation and sizing.


When a child is referred for handwriting, an Occupational Therapist will look at all the foundation skills involved for writing through standardised assessments and observations, provide a comprehensive report, establish goals for therapy if required and provide activities and modifications where necessary. Progress reports are provided to parents and teachers following every OT session to document activities conducted within the session, classroom and home strategies and homework to compliment therapy.


Examples of Handwriting Activities

  •     Fluency patterns, Finger Olympics, Fine motor games, vertical surface work, postural and core exercises, hand strengthening and finger dexterity activities.
  •     Activities and strategies for concentration, posture, attention and regulation.

Examples of modifications and resources

  •     Pencil grips, adapted seating, slope boards, adaptive pens, finger spacer, handiwriter, different writing instruments etc.

If you are concerned about your child and would like to book in for a chat, assessment or ongoing sessions, please do not hesitate to contact Kids First OT for a confidential discussion. Furthermore, if you would like more information about what is expected regarding handwriting for your childs age, we can provide you with a list of milestones according to your childs age or school year level.