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Motor Planning

Posted By Kim Guess and Sarah Hickey,
Motor Planning   Motor planning is part of a group of skills that help us move our body the way we want to. This includes the upper limbs and hands (fine motor), body (gross motor), mouth and ton...

Visual Spatial Relationship & How is it Improved?

Posted By Kim Guess and Sarah Hickey,
Do you know a child that reverses letters? Bumps into people? Or has poor organisational skills? They may have difficulty with visual spatial relations.   What is Visual Spatial Relationship? ...

Implications of Having Low Tone and How to Improve it

Posted By Kim Guess and Sarah Hickey,
Muscle tone is important for everything we do with our bodies including gross motor activities such as sports and running and fine motor activities such as handwriting and eating. Having adequate...

Sensory Integration: Tactile Activities

Posted By Sarah Hickey and Sabrina Smart,
Sensory integration activities are fun and creative, and are an important part of a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development; the development of a positive self-esteem; positive...

Executive Functioning

Posted By Sarah Hickey and Sabrina Smart,
Executive functions are a set of three cognitive skills, namely: Flexible attention / cognitive ability Working memory Inhibitory control All three are interlinked and influence each...

Learning : A Neurodevelopmental Approach - Part 2

Posted By Sarah Hickey and Sabrina Smart,
The last blog discussed neurodevelopment and how it affects a child’s ability to learn, the learning process and that certain movements allow for the brain to be ‘rewired’, thus rest...

Learning: A Neurodevelopmental Approach - Part 1

Posted By Sarah Hickey and Sabrina Smart,
When children go to school they are expected to learn, however, some children struggle to learn as their learning process is hampered. There are many factors (internal and external) that can influence...

How Movement Impacts Learning

Posted By Sarah HIckey,
  Children need to move. Movement is important for health, cardiovascular fitness and brain development. Through movement, children are able to organise their world.  By exploring...

Ideas to calm your child

Posted By Sarah Hickey ,
In this modern and rushed society, where our sympathetic nervous system (the one that responds to stress in a fight/flight/freeze mode) appears to be overwhelmed, it is important to teach our kids...

Autism and Sensory Integration

Posted By Sarah Hickey,
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) cases are increasing at an alarming rate, with 1 in 68 children being diagnosed with ASD according to estimates from CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities...